• September 4, 2019

Amazing Reasons to Work in New York

New York is one of the spiritual homes of the world. It is by far one of the most popular cities in the world and is a place full of life, vibrancy and diversity in its entirety. The buzz of the people on the streets, the smell of street food in the air and the endless list of activities to try can make anyone excited, and whether it be for work or pleasure, this is the place to be.

If you are looking for a new place to rest your head and the ideal place to launch your career in 2019, New York should be right at the top of your bucket list. Today we want to share a real rundown of the reasons you should choose New York as the hub for your business this year.

So if you are looking at how to find startup office space in NYC or you simply want a new job in this amazing city, here are the top reason why you should take the leap and move to New York.

Meetings at the Park

Outdoor meetings are always a good method for breaking away from the office for a fresh take on an idea or project. Sometimes staying within the same 4 walls can be inspiration killing and if this happens it is important for you to be able to break away and reset. By heading outside to Central Park for meetings in New York, you’ll be able to completely take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy time in the fresh air with wildlife and water all around. Meetings out and about can be a good way to break up the day and this is something you might not get the chance to do elsewhere.

Meetings with Coffee

With scenes reminiscent of Friends, in New York you have the ideal opportunity to get up from your desk and head out to a cute local coffee shop for a meeting. Who doesn’t love the idea of settling on a soft couch, latte in hand, with a laptop on the table? New York is full of quaint and unique little spots to enjoy and this means you can always make the most of a good grain while you work away for the day. This can also be a unique way to meet with potential and existing clients and it is a good way to give a good impression all round which will last for years to come. So ditch the stuffy meeting rooms and head for a cup of Joe instead!

Food Choices

When you work in a small town or city, there will always be an issue when it comes to facilities for food and drink. If you are lucky there might be a small supermarket or convenience store close by and this can really hamper plans to go for group lunches on a Friday or at the end of the month. However, New York is different. In New York, you will never be short of food and drink, and there are tonnes of shops, street food, cafes, restaurants and more to choose from. It caters to every diet, preference and lifestyle; allowing you to access healthy and nutritious food always no matter what. If you have never had the choice for food before where you currently operate, it might be a commodity you never knew you could have, but once you are introduced fully into this wacky culinary world, you’ll never want to go back to normality again.

The Cityscape

Like many big cities, New York has a lot of unique buildings and architectural features which you can enjoy. If you have spent a vast expanse of time during your adult life working in a small, dull office; the change you can see in New York is immense. There are plenty of co-office spaces you can rent for a decent price in New York and you’ll be able to work in an open, expansive, and bright space overlooking this amazing city. One of the things you can benefit from here as a side note is natural light. A lot of us take natural light for granted and this can actually be something we need for productivity and inspiration. The more light we gain to our eyes, the more alert we are, and the easier our brain can process ideas and concepts. It is important for you to think about working somewhere bright and light because it will help you be productive with your new business. New York can really bring a new light to your office space and will be somewhere you feel happy to work every single day.

Morning Atmosphere

The morning buzz of New York streets is something which can wake you up for the day more than anything in the world. From the moment the sun comes up, New York is alive and kicking, and even in a half awake morning haze, once you step out onto those streets you’ll be awake and raring to go for the day. There’s something unique about the liveliness of New York which can shake away even the groggiest of feelings and make you feel happy and optimistic for the day ahead. So if you want to become an early bird and get your business off the ground, consider picking New York for your new stomping ground.

The Transport Links

If you work anywhere other than the centre of the city, one of the most challenging aspects of work can be the commute. No one enjoys the morning commute and it can be stressful if you need to change routes and head on a long journey through side streets and towns. However, working in a city such as New York can negate the need for this stress and may even negate the need for a car at all. Transport in the city of New York is fast, often, and reliable. You can get to any part of the state from the city with ease and often much quicker than by road. So save some fuel and money and get on the train or tram today!

Walkable Distance

Put on your walking shoes and head for a walk! Due to the dense population and facilities available in New York, many of the commodities you will need throughout the working day will be available at walking distance. There’s no need to use energy and transport when you can maintain a healthy heart and head out for a leg stretch instead to get the things you need for the day!

The Night Life

If you enjoy being able to head out and party at the weekend, New York is definitely a great choice for this. If you love being out and about and enjoying the scenery and night life of a city, here is the place to be. You’ll always find a bar open in New York and this means that on your wildest nights you can always find a new place to explore and enjoy with your friends. Bars are open until 4am so there is always plenty of time for fun.

Budget Fixed Apartments

When watching a show life friends, you might be shocked to know that the apartments you get in the city are not anything like Monica’s. However, if you are on a tight budget New York does offer a great place to live and set up with your work and life. This means you can avoid a commute from further out of the way and instead enjoy a short commute from a flashy apartment to the office. Or, work at home!


For anyone who loves arts and music, New York is a hub of culture and you’ll always be able to find some amazing things here. From the amazing music from people all over the world to fusion food and more, there is something for everyone and you will always be able to enjoy some culture which will broaden the mind and make you see things from a new perspective.


The people in New York are happy, friendly, and will always be willing to have a chat. If you are looking for people who will share a bagel, give you free coffee and help you with your problems then people from this part of the world are better than any other. You’ll always be welcome and you’ll always find a place for you.

Good Drivers

Bad drivers are stressful and they can really put a downer on your day. However, because of the sheer traffic in New York each day you will find out that they work incredibly hard to be cautious on the road and this means that the likelihood of an accident is much lower! You’ll always be safe in the knowledge that the people who drive around you are safe and stable.

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