• August 20, 2018

5 Steps You Can Take to Change Your Career Right Now

There is only one person responsible for your career and that is you. If you are dissatisfied and want to change it, it is your choice and up to you to investigate the alternatives. Do you want to change direction totally, or are you looking to move to a higher position within your current field?

Look at the Options

You need to look at the options available for people with your skills. Often a qualification is suitable for several job types, and there may be something you have not even considered before.

If you want to advance in your current line of work, consider completing an online course for a higher qualification. You can do this without it interfering with your job, and when you have completed it, you will have more chance of advancement. There are not many subjects that these are not available in, and with virtual classrooms, you can get all the help and support you would have if you attended a physical college or university.

Another option would be a total change to your life but could make a huge difference to your career. Emigrating to another country can bring rewards that you might not have considered. Different countries look at different roles in varying ways, and some have shortages of people to fill some lines of work. For instance, in some countries accountants are regarded very highly and in others, they are just another worker. If you happen to work in a field that a country has a shortage in, you could find yourself in a higher position earning a lot more money than you do now. It is worth having a chat with an immigration attorney from Davis & Associates, for example, to find out more about the jobs you could potentially hols with your skills and what you need to do to make it a reality. It isn’t always as difficult as you might think.

Self Assess

Annual reviews are meant to help you and your employer, but a lot can change in a year. You should self-assess and set yourself goals to aim for. If you achieve them you can move onto some more and stretch your abilities to their limits. This will not go unnoticed, and can only help when your next annual review happens. In fact, it may help to advance your career before then.

Save a record of the awesome things you have done, so when review times come round you can retrieve them to share with your manager.

Know About Your Industry

It does not matter what industry you are working in, rules and regulations are changing constantly. Keep abreast of these and know your industry well. There are always blogs being written, or official websites where information is readily available and it is worth spending just a few minutes each day checking these out.

When matters are being discussed in the workplace, showing you are knowledgeable able the current situation is always a bonus, and will not go unnoticed by your management.

You could do the same with the company you work for. It is always good for your own peace of mind to be aware of what is happening with them.


Networking can help you in more than one way. You could make new contacts that could be useful to you in the future and you will learn more about your industry. If you attend trade shows or other events, the opportunity is there to do both.

This is another reason for knowing your industry, as that will create a good impression with any new contacts you make, and first impressions matter more than you may realize. You never know when your paths may cross again in the future, and the other person will be holding a good impression of you and your skills.

Always Listen

This does not mean you should be nosy and listen to other people’s private conversations, but more you should keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities either in your current workplace or somewhere else.  You may be surprised how many jobs are never advertised because they don’t need to be. Either someone from within the firm moves into them, or someone from outside hears about the position and goes after the job.

Only You Can Do It

Only you can make advancement in your career possible if that is what you want. Some people are perfectly happy as they are, and that is fine too, the choice is yours. But if you are looking for a change in your career, don’t just keep thinking about it, get started on the first steps now or you will always be in the same position as today.

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