• September 9, 2019

5 Ways to Make the Transition from Home Office to Commercial Offices

A growing number of businesses in the modern era begin life as home-based ventures. However, the vast majority of success stories will outgrow the home office spaces at one stage or another. When this time comes, ensuring that the transition into a commercial setting runs smoothly should be top of the agenda.

This is a monumental moment in the company’s story. Here’s how to get it right in just five easy steps.

#1: Appreciate the Size of the Task

You may assume that moving from the home setting to a commercial one will be relatively straight forward. The physical relocation requires a lot of work, though, and requires an expert touch to be completed in a timely and affordable manner. Services like Bekins Moving Solution that offer services aimed at businesses are best. When the aspect of physical relocation is under control, it’ll be far easier to focus on the other logistics. This will inevitably provide the business with a far stronger platform to build upon.

#2: Appreciate It’s No Longer You Versus the World

The need for a move to a bigger premise probably stems from the success you’ve had. The move signals the perfect time to start hiring full-time employees rather than going it alone or relying on freelancers. As such, you’ll need to consider two main actors. Firstly, you must go the extra mile to find the very best candidates for the positions that you have to offer. Secondly, you’ll need to provide them with the right equipment and a suitable office layout. It’s not only a bad workman that blames his tools.

#3: Appreciate Your Need to Grow as a Person

When taking on new staff, you simultaneously accept new responsibilities. Therefore, it’s pivotal that you develop the managerial and motivation skills to get the most out of the new recruits. Their engagement and motivation will be crucial as you aim to use this new chapter as the catalyst for growing the company. Becoming a better leader will arguably become more significant than any assignment. Sadly, starting off on the wrong foot in this sense will be very difficult to overcome.

#4: Appreciate the Need for Clear Communication

Even if you’re largely on top of the task, a business relocation will inevitably cause some disruption. Customers, visitors, partners, and others need to be kept in the loop. Adding a social media post will aid the cause. Meanwhile, an email designed with MailChimp can be sent to everyone in the address book for a personal touch. One way or another, preparing users for the temporary hiccups is vital. Fail to do this, and their frustrations could result in them taking their custom elsewhere.

#5: Appreciate the Virtual Relocation

As well as the physical relocation to a new office, it’s importance to move the business in the digital arena. Changing the contact info of the business on your website, Google My Business listing, directory submissions, and more is vital. Otherwise, everything from search engine rankings to visitor trust levels can take a negative hit. While the need to get this right isn’t quite as vast as if you were moving from an existing commercial premise, but early action will still serve you well.