• April 13, 2021

6 Unusual Restaurants in London for Business Inspiration

When people go out for a meal, they want to experience something new and memorable. After all, they are going to be spending their money and so they want it to be on something which is worthwhile.

You can cook your standard dishes at home, so what is the point in going for the same old thing when you go out? Below, we will look at six of the best restaurants in London for an unusual experience, and we hope that this will give you inspiration for your own venture. Combine this with effective marketing from the likes of Rewards Network and you should be onto a winner.

#6: Meat Liquor

If you love a burger, then you will love the Meat Liquor. This restaurant provides the best food for you to get your teeth stuck right into. Moreover, the restaurant boasts a deep and moody setting which enhances the experience and takes it to a new level.

#5: The Rum Kitchen

It can be depressing living in the UK when the rain is pouring down, knowing that if you could hop on a plane you would be in a tropical climate sipping cocktails. Well, that is made a lot easier with the Rum Kitchen because you walk right into a Caribbean paradise. From Oxtail Stew to Jerk Chicken, the food is scrumptious, affordable and the setting is sheer brilliance.

#4: Electric Diner

What’s so great about the diner is that if you have cravings at 8 o’clock in the morning you can pop to the vibrant restaurant for a spot for breakfast – it opens that early! The food isn’t unusual in the sense that you’ll be eating anything out of the ordinary; it is the diner itself that possesses that unique quality that makes you feel like you’re on the set of a movie.

#3: Archipelago

There is so much to embrace upon visiting this restaurant and thus you truly experience the full dining occasion. The menu is unusual, to say the least; from garlic crickets to crocodile. Nevertheless, this is what adds to the excitement of the whole place, and the venue itself is certainly as electric too. It possesses an exotic and sensual vibe that is captivating.

#2: Les Trois Garcons

When you go to a restaurant it is about so much more than the food you have to eat. Of course, that needs to be delicious, but it is about the experience as a whole too. This is a notion that echoes true when you visit this restaurant. The venue is decked out in the most stunning and unusual ornaments and interiors and thus you will be mesmerised by your surroundings. The menu is to die for too; from Trio de Pintade to Nougat glace a la Noix de Coco – the choice is vast and exciting.

#1: Veeraswamy

The last restaurant on the list is the UK’s oldest Indian restaurant and thus if you are looking for somewhere interesting and memorable then this is just the place. The restaurant was created in 1920 and possesses that beautiful old school glamour that really gives it a luxurious vibe. Considering its history, the delicious food on the menu and the beautiful surroundings on offer, you are assured of a night to remember.

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