• April 8, 2019

Trading in Safety and Durability

If you are considering setting up a small business and are looking for a specialist niche in which to work you might be tempted to consider the supply or even the manufacture of heavy equipment for construction sites and other similar applications. One area is which there is constant demand is the provision of safety mats for use in such scenarios.

In this instance we are not of course talking about ordinary mats that may be deployed in a less demanding environment. When it comes to supporting the very heavy machinery and engineering equipment required in the servicing of large tanks and oil rigs, often in muddy conditions, we are necessarily referring to extreme heavy duty steel-framed rig mats capable of supporting very large amounts of moving weight. An up-to-date report by IBIS World shows that heavy industry is currently a growing concern across the USA, ensuring an ongoing market.

Understand the Product That You Supply

Subject knowledge is important when you are dealing with a piece of equipment which people working in the field are dependent upon. Get it wrong and there could be enormous consequences in terms of lost work and, worse still, the safety of employees who are already working in a dangerous situation. This is not something you would want or need on your conscience.

Whatever it is you have for sale needs to have been tested, certified and to have passed every stringent test necessary to allow it to go onto the market for its stated purpose. What is more you will need to be sure that it is the correct piece of equipment for the specific task to which it is being entrusted. Clients will ask you for information of this kind and you will need to be able to respond with certainty and authority.

The Durability of Steel-Framed Rig Mats

Fortunately this particular product is one which enjoys a good reputation and has been thoroughly tested under extreme conditions. They carry with ease the weight of heavy vehicles, rigs, cranes and other plant necessary in all areas of the construction process. In spite of their strength they are surprisingly portable, meaning that they can be easily moved around the site, and between sites, during construction works. Typically they can be used either on hard standing or on wet, muddy and uneven surfaces. Their versatility and ease of movement ensures that they are a staple accompaniment to almost any heavy engineering operation.

Interestingly rig mats can be constructed from a variety of materials including fiberglass, wood, rubber, plastic and composites. Notwithstanding this fact the need for strength and durability is constant throughout. Other names used to describe them include swamp mats, construction mats, mobile mats, mud mats, industrial mats and ground construction mats.

Unless your small business has the resources and expertise to manufacture such a product it would probably be safer, not to mention easier, to restrict your operation to mere supply. This would involve sourcing a reliable product provider and then advertising the product to potential clients yourself.

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