• September 14, 2022

3 Tips to Keep In Mind if You Are Arrested

Getting arrested might seem like the farthest thing on your mind, but it’s fairly common. Each year, the police make about 10 million arrests! It’s a difficult time when you get arrested, especially when it comes to dealing with your emotions. These could be pure disbelief, fear, anger, and sadness. But you must remain calm and know your rights. Here are a few tips to help you if you ever find yourself in such an issue. 

  • Remain silent

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you have the right to remain silent” in numerous television shows and movies. But it’s not just for entertainment purposes. You do have the right to remain silent if you are ever arrested. Remember that you cannot be punished by law if you choose not to speak or answer questions. At best, you can tell an officer that you wish to remain silent. However, you are required by law to share your name when asked. 

You must also refrain from talking about your case to family and friends, even if it seems right. Ideally, it would help if you spoke to only your lawyer, especially since your conversations with family and friends can go against you in the future. Silence is golden if you find yourself getting arrested. 

  • Write down everything you can remember about your arrest

The second you can, record everything you can remember leading up to your arrest. Your report should include important details such as the names of the arresting officers, their patrol car numbers, and, if possible, information on the people that witnessed your arrest. 

If you sustain an injury during the arrest, you can also document it and include attachments of photographs as proof. You can also include medical care receipts to strengthen your case. This information would help prove that officers manhandled you. A well-written and honest report would help your lawyer get all the vital information needed to defend you. 

  • Abide by the terms of your bond release

If you happen to be released on bond, you must ensure that you abide by its terms. Else, you would find yourself back in jail, making your case even worse. If your bond requires that you don’t leave your home state, respect it even if you have a work or personal event. 

It’s also common to be concerned about posting bail, especially when you hear how expensive it can be. If you are concerned about your finances, you can opt for bail bonds from a reputable agency to assist you. You can later agree on a payment plan and work your way to paying back once your case is over. 

These are some of the smart things you can do if you ever find yourself arrested. Remember that you have the right to not share any information, seek legal representation, and know your charges. When you know what to do if you are ever arrested, you will be able to conduct yourself better.