• October 9, 2020

Small Changes That Make a Big Difference to Your Employees’ Safety

Employees are a company’s greatest asset – They’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them an integral part of the company’s mission – Anne M. Mulcahy.

Employees can either make or break your business. Therefore, taking good care of the team of experts you’ve created is essential. To fulfill your duty as a manager, keeping staff safe should be your top priority.

The recent outbreak has caused businesses to step up their safety procedures by respecting social distancing rules and wearing the appropriate PPE. However, other threats still exist in and around the workplace that shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked. For small changes you can make at work that will make a significant difference to your employees’ safety, see below.

Safer Equipment

As time goes by, innovative inventors are creating new products that make processes at work safer.

If you’ve noticed several duties staff uphold at work are inherently dangerous, such as transporting heavy boxes by hand. Or climbing a ladder to hang new signs from the ceiling. You might want to think of new equipment the staff can use to make their job role safer.

An example of making a small change to your equipment that has a large difference to your employees’ safety is better hanging wire, such as the durable LoopLine sign hanging cord. This cord makes it easier for staff to measure, cut, and hang than the usual go-to steel cables. Thus, the process of hanging signs is much quicker, easier, and safer to do.

Security Staff

Security guards provide plenty of benefits to businesses. They look out for and prevent criminals from stealing products. They can break up any unwanted disputes in-store. And alert the appropriate emergency service if an incident has occurred on the premises.

Moreover, qualified security staff protect staff and give employees peace of mind in the process. For example, suppose there is a problematic and abusive customer. In that case, the security guard will step in to protect your employee and remove any nuisance visitors.


You can purchase CCTV cameras today from places like Amazon for a reasonable price. Installing cameras to monitor your business acts as a deterrent for criminals. Preventing the prospect of unwanted individuals entering the premises and threatening or harming your staff.

Enhanced Training

It’s familiar for a business’s HR company to lumber their new staff with an extensive safety manual to “read”. However, this style of teaching about health and safety at work rarely resonates with employees.

So instead, why not book in regular interactive safety training sessions with your staff? Throw in a pop quiz to gauge each employee’s understanding of what constitutes a hazard and the appropriate response.

Making safety training fun will entice employees to learn and remember working safely on the premises, where the safety exits, and what to do in an emergency.

Whether opting for new, better equipment for employees to use at work to reduce the risk of accidents. Or hiring security personnel to protect and defend your company’s most important asset – your staff. Implementing small safety changes will make a big difference to your staff members’ safety.