• October 15, 2019

These Skills Will Help You Both in and out of Work

Many of us our born with certain skills that people tell us we’re wonderful at without much practice. For example, one person may have wonderful listening skills, while another may be naturally good at sharing their ideas. The good news is you don’t have to be born with a skill – you can set out to learn it. Below, the list of skills will help you both in and out of work. Take a look, and they could change your life!


Having solid listening skills is a must. You should not simply be sitting there waiting for somebody to stop talking so you can interject with what you’d like to say, like many people do. Instead, you should be taking in what they are saying and make them feel heard, before responding properly to what they have said. Ask questions to show you are listening. It makes a huge difference.

Body Language

Your body language can say as much about you and how you feel as the words you say. Don’t cross your arms, and start making eye contact with people you speak to. Sit up straight. These things alone can make a difference.


Practice makes perfect, even with writing. Write a little every day, whether it’s morning pages or a blog.


Finally, your speaking/presentation skills. There are many techniques for improvement, but the infographic below could be a huge help. Again, practice, practice, practice. Soon you’ll notice improvements!

credit to STL

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