• October 29, 2020

Self-Employment: Building Yourself up in Mind and Matter

As exciting as it can be to move away from everything and everyone you know to start a new life, it is also pretty scary. When we are making our first tentative waves in the entrepreneurial world we’ve got a lot of external and internal demons to contend with. Starting our self-employed journey into being self-sufficient and self resilient requires having a lot of inner strength.

Being your own boss is fantastic in many ways but it also requires you to consider a couple of key components.

Creating a Productive Working Environment

To talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. This can mean making it look like you’ve got a lot more in the way of finances than you really do. After all, if you’re going to be out on expensive business lunches you need to ensure you have a significant amount of money tucked away. And it can seem precarious when you are paying for everything on a credit card. But it’s vital that when you get your first lot of clients that you invest back into the business, but also into a sturdy base of operations. Being self-employed means having a good quality homestead. Real estate agents like Matin Real Estate could provide something to aim for. Luxury apartments and houses can help you to be more productive when you are making expensive deals. And when you are working hard, it means you have to play hard as well. Providing an environment that is conducive to making a name for yourself is vital. You don’t want to be living in an environment where you are worried about the water being cut off or in a neighborhood where crime is through the roof. You need to focus on the job at hand, and there is no time for external concerns.

Cultivating a Strong Mindset

There are peaks and troughs in starting a business and being self-employed in general. One month you may have a feast, and the next you may have a famine. And we can get used to a certain lifestyle when we are earning lots of money but we also need to remember that there’s a lot to be said for investing and putting money away for a rainy day. Ultimately, with you working 70 hour weeks, there isn’t much time to buy everything that you can utilize. Investing in the business is great as well as investing in a good quality suit and a good life but you also should use finances to invest in mental strength. It all depends on what is good for you. It could be as simple as a yoga class or it could be about buying a meditation machine that puts you into a relaxed state of mind quickly without having to go to a class. If you can invest in things that will cultivate a strong mindset, this will help you to weather those peaks and troughs far more efficiently.

Starting your self-employed journey is about things like taxes and motivation, but there’s a lot to be said for these two components to create an environment where you can thrive physically, and in your mind.

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