• June 15, 2017

Why Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Working Life

Most of us cannot wait to retire from our jobs! In fact, for many of us it’s our goal to be able to retire and enjoy life without having to commute, sit in a stuffy office and never deal with a horrid boss ever again!

Yet, for some people facing imminent retirement, there is a fear of being left on the scrap heap once that leaving card, gold watch and bouquet of flowers has been handed over.

If you or someone you know is starting to show signs of angst because the thought of stopping entirely at retirement age fills them with a sense of dread, there is the option to take stock now and work on changing what happens when this day finally arrives.

Examine All Retraining Opportunities

One trend I’ve noticed in recent years is for those people in their 40’s and 50’s looking at the option to retrain. This usually means adding an extra credit to their CV by building on their existing skills and using their years of knowledge and work experience to their advantage, while gaining a new qualification.

By retraining and, more so, thinking outside of the box as to what employers are looking for, you give yourself an option should you want to continue working after retirement. However, you allow yourself the option of selecting a new role in an area that suits you and you only, alongside the chance to select the times and days you will work after your official retirement age.

Begin Preparation Now

If this sounds like something you feel you would benefit from, my advice is to start now! Don’t let the opportunity pass you by as you ponder over what could have been. Decide on a plan of action and work on searching for a training opportunity that you know you would thoroughly enjoy.

Therefore, once retirement does become real, you have two options rather than the one, alongside the knowledge that you’ve made a concentrated effort to run your retirement your way, rather than having society dictate it for you!

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