• December 10, 2021

Putting Together the Perfect Team for Your Business

In running a business, you’re never going to be quite alone in reaching a level of success. There will be many people who lift you up and support you, even when you’re the only employee, and all of this positive attitude and networking can take you a long way!

Which is why you should apply the same principle to building your own team. You’ve got a lot of talented people to find, and not only that, but you’ve got to be sure they all work together just fine as well – now that’s a hard job for anyone!

Which is why this post is here: we want to make sure you know just what you need when it comes to your business, and we’ve collected together some of the best team building tips to keep in mind below. Check them out if your company has gotten to a point where you have the privilege of bringing more people on board.

What Skills Do You Need?

The first thing to think about, when putting a team together, is deciding what skills you need. What work have you got to do? What product and/or service are you selling to the public? Who do you need to rely on to make it happen? And of course: what role can you fill, and who skills complement what you can do? Asking yourself questions like these can go a long way, and they’re the best way to check in with your company’s needs as well.

Got a website to make it popular? You’re going to need a webmaster to run it, and maybe even a background IT desk to support it. Maybe you need someone on your side who can handle the financial aspect, such as an accountant? And that customer service desk will need manning 24/7 as well, so you’re going to need someone who’s proficient in sales behind it. All in all, go department by department and work backwards from where you are now – who will you need in place to get to the point of sale?

Focus On the Workplace Culture

What kind of workplace do you want to work in? What kind of workplace do you think people respond to the best? A relaxed and casual one! Sure, work needs to be done, but aside from this, the air has to feel light and friendly. And even when people are friendly with each other and can have a laugh around the office, they can still get the job done to the best degree.

So take this idea into account when you’re going through the hiring process. Meet people face to face, even just over Zoom, and see how they feel to you. Try not to judge on appearance, and make sure you take into account any ‘quiet’ interviewees as well. People can give a lot when they get comfortable, even if they’re not immediately open to you when you first meet, and they just need a chance to get started!

At the same time, you’ve got to take their skills and experience into account, so take your time here. Make sure you’re happy with the decisions you make, and always send out rejection emails as well as acceptance letters – you’re here to prove your workplace has something that makes it stand out in the job market, and that means a personal touch is highly recommended.

Invest in Your Tech

If you’re putting together the perfect team, you’re going to need some tech on your side to make the process more convenient on your time. And not only that, but the more tech you have, the smoother life is going to be for any and all of your employees as well. You can now automate annoying tasks such as checking emails and/or answering them, alongside being able to schedule meetings on the fly without anyone being dropped off the chain, and there are a lot of AI assistants out there you can use to streamline your calendar without any extra input from you.

Which means it’s time to invest in your tech. Take putting a shift together, for example – how often do you struggle to schedule working hours for different members of your team? Maybe you’re often double booking one or two people, and sometimes forgetting to schedule another at all? Well, mistakes like these can become a thing of the past when software has led us to a proper Staff scheduling solution that may be incredibly beneficial for your time and efforts. Remember, automation is only here to help – you’ve put a team together, you’re managing them to the best of your ability, and now it’s time to shave off the rest of the chaff.

Get Involved

Putting a team together is something people often misunderstand. You’ve got a lot of people to handpick to work in your company, but you’ve got to be sure you rub along with them as well. You’re part of the team after all, and you’re often seen to be the glue that holds everyone together. Which means now’s the time to get involved – don’t hold yourself above your team, and be sure to get in on the ground floor with them.

How do you do that? Take part in conversations, make sure you take breaks when they do, reach out every now and then to check in on individuals, and make sure you’ve got some employee trips in the calendar as well. Above all, you want these people you work with to be friends with each other, but at the very least, you want them to enjoy their time at work together. And sometimes, a weekend doing team building exercises and/or spending the day at a theme park or festival is crucial for building this rapport!

Don’t Forget to Show Appreciation

Once you’ve got the team together, you’ve defined their responsibilities clearly, and you’ve made sure to get involved and get along with them all, it’s time to show your appreciation. You know your team does a great job, day in and day out, and you want to give back something.

A simple ‘thank you’ or an office recognized ‘well done’ will always do the trick here! You can also head online to show appreciation for your employees on social media; an employee of the month post every 4 weeks would go down a storm for your following. Or if that doesn’t feel like it’s enough, you can go the extra mile and offer out physical rewards.

Maybe you can bring in pizza on Fridays? Maybe you’d quite like to start Monday mornings with coffee and donuts? Not only do these little touches show appreciation, but they’re also quite motivating as well, and these actions can feed into a cycle of your employees going further just because you did. And maybe one day you can even set up a little awards ceremony of your own for each year – handing out little trophies with engraved names is incredibly novel, and your employees will really appreciate the boost it gives to their own careers.

If you want to put together the perfect team for your business, keep the qualities above in mind before bringing anyone on board. You’ve already got an idea of what you want your team to look like, but you need a concrete plan to work with as well – put one together right now with these ideas at hand; a comfortable workplace is always the best kind!

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