• November 8, 2020

Practical and Creative Uses for Vacant Land

It’s not every day that someone will have vacant land, but there could be a couple of situations that would lead to it. For instance, maybe you’re about to inherit some land from family members, or maybe you’ve realized that your home sits on a rather large plot of land that isn’t being used.

Since it’s not exactly a common situation, you might find it a little difficult to think up practical or even profitable uses for vacant land. There are obvious options such as “building a home” but it’s not exactly practical given the cost. Thankfully, there are a number of great uses for vacant land and we’ll be explaining them in this article.

Make Sure You Keep It in Good Condition

While you decide what to do with it, make sure you keep it in good condition. This might require you to buy some tools to mow the lawn, and you also want to keep it protected from rodents and pests. You can browse around this site for larger machines that can help you maintain your land, but this might not be necessary if it’s just a small plot. If it’s a large pot, then establishing some kind of fence around it will be helpful.

Use It for Recreation Purposes

Why not consider turning the land into a large park for the local community? This is a great way to bring your neighbours together. You could also make it a camping park if it’s fairly large and has lots of trees and natural attractions. Alternatively, you could turn it into a recreation park for paintball tournaments, dirt biking, skating or even karting.

Consider Starting a Business

One of the most expensive components of starting a business is getting the land needed. If you have vacant land, then you can easily put together a little office to work from if you can run your business online. Alternatively, you could always set up a little store. You’ll need to get planning permissions and register your business (and also find something to sell!) but it’s a great way to make your vacant land more profitable.

Establish a Community Garden

If you own a fairly large plot of land then it can be a little daunting to take care of. A practical way to use all of that space is to establish some kind of community garden. This means a plot of land that other people in the community can come to and use for their own purposes. You can rent out small plots of land so people can grow their own crops, or you can put together a pool of funds so people can contribute to the cost of equipment and seeds.

Again, it’s not every day that someone might have vacant land available, but if the situation does ever arise then we hope you refer back to this article for some ideas. Whether you just want to give back to the community you live in or if you want to make a profit from it, there are plenty of great ideas on how to use vacant land effectively.

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