• July 27, 2017

Marketing Mistakes That You Would Do Well to Avoid

Though marketing relies heavily on keeping your business relevant, it also requires you to regularly assure that the techniques you are employing are appropriate and are having the desired effect.

Unfortunately, though it may seem the easier of business techniques to master, many companies still manage to get their marketing strategies completely wrong, time and time again.

What better models to learn from than those who make the more costliest of marketing blunders!

Not Targeting Your Marketing Enough

This isn’t about making your messages individually unique in their personalization, instead creating a more meaningful message for them by doing simple things such as inserting the first name of the customer into your correspondence. It’s also about getting a more specific insight into the needs and wants of your customer base and acting upon such information.

Not Continuing to Market Current Paying Customers

Referred to as retention marketing, this works on the basis that selling to previous customers is more accessible than selling to potential ones. Work on creating value that also appeals to those customers who have bought from you in the past and you will gain something exclusive by doing so – that is customer loyalty.

Not Considering New Methods of Marketing

Marketing is like business in the way it requires a certain professionalism to survive. Some companies believe once they have found a good channel or platform that they can just stop searching for others and concentrate on that sole avenue. With technology and the digital world continually evolving, connection with all customers relies on you being present on more than just one platform.

Not Abiding By the 80/20 Rule

With 80 percent of marketing effort ideally spent offering value to the audience, 20 percent should be spent on promotional activity efforts. If an engaged audience and subsequent long-term relationship is what you’re aiming for, then this is the rule that you should be using in your marketing.