• October 7, 2017

Making the Jump from Being Employed to Being Independent

It appears there’s always plenty of help for those making the jump from company to company or employee to manager, but never so much for those employees who are looking to make that jump from working for someone to working for themselves.

This lack of information isn’t however in keeping with the vast proportions of numbers of employees opting to make this career change every working week.

To take account of this significant rise in how we view the average employee or average workplace roles, here are just a few of the reasons why so many people are considering that exciting switch.

The Concept of a Job for Life No Longer Exists

Whereas a couple of decades ago, people would more than likely enter employment and envisage a secure and permanent role for life, fast forward to the twenty-first century and this motion is almost obsolete.

When we do hear of anybody celebrating a couple of decades worth of working years with the one employer, it more than likely comes from a news piece, such is the rarity of this!

More Employers Recognize the Value of Independent Working

Knowing that jobs can’t be guaranteed for an extended period, employers ideally need to know beforehand that the role they are advertising for is a role which will still be relevant in a couple of months later down the line, at least.

As an overwhelming majority of tasks aren’t always long-term, some employers are however seeing the advantage of employing freelancers, contractors and outside independent workers to pick up the slack as and when they need such workers. This, therefore, means a reduced salary bill and is the more practical solution to an unknown duration of many work contracts.

Ultimately, the independent workers themselves want to call the shots now and decide on how and whey they work, as well as what roles they undertake for their time.

One thing’s for sure, with social media and digital technology readily accessible, this is one career trend that shows no signs of slowing down.