• August 24, 2019

How We Can Make Some Tidy Passive Income

There are a lot of things in life that control us. The love we have for another has a huge hold on us; it makes us behave in strange ways when we’re gripped by that crazy feeling. Subliminal messaging that goes on every single day is another example. Hey, even the government tell us how to behave in order to keep us in line and a part of a functioning society. Want to know another huge thing in life that controls pretty much everything we do? You guessed it: money.

Without it; we’re nothing. With lots of it; we can be whatever we want, it seems. In order to get a hold of that sweet, wealthy stuff, we need to work for it. Sure, some people can have it whenever they want it, but that’s a select few lucky ones. If we don’t work, then we won’t be able to earn the currency that keeps our entire beings going.

There are two ways of earning money in this world: active and passive. Active if, as you’d imagine, the act of actually putting in the effort and doing the work in order to raise the funds. If you don’t work, then there will be no forthcoming financial reward. Passive income, however, is a little different. In theory, passive income allows you to complete one task and reap the rewards of it for weeks and months. The draw of this method is that money will be transferred into your account while you sleep – what a dream!

It sounds pretty easy, but it does, of course, require lots of work. Nothing rewarding ever came from a half-hearted attitude and a lack of effort. The good thing is that there are loads of ways we can earn money passively, and because the world of free enterprise is always evolving, there will probably be newer ways in the future. For now, though, let’s quickly run through a few ways we can do this stuff in the year 2019.

Start a Website

There are millions of websites on the internet these days. What does that tell you? Well, it probably means it’ll take some work in order to stand out. What it also tells you is that anyone and everyone can create a site and publish it. The opportunity to make a handsome living is right there in front of you – you just have to grab it.

Websites make money predominantly through ads. Google provides a service that allows you to sign up for free and have different advertisements on your website. If someone visits the site and clicks on one of the ads; you receive a small fee. If you can get a lot of clicks on these ads, who knows what kind of fortune you’ll make?

A very popular part of the internet these days is the blogging element. Bloggers can make a tremendous amount of money from talking about what they love. Affiliate marketing is a huge part of a bloggers income. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting a product or service in the form of an article. The blogger provides a link in the piece, and if someone clicks on that link, then the blogger will be rewarded with a percentage of the sale – should one be made.

Once a website becomes more popular, the opportunities are fairly endless. If you wanted to sell stuff, that would be totally possible. If you wanted to create a subscription service that allows people to see what’s behind a paywall; that’s possible, too.


This can be quite tricky because the competition is quite high nowadays, but YouTubers can earn a bucket load of passive income. Creating an account is free. Posting content online is free. The difficulty, of course, lies with the actual formulation of ideas and figuring out how to stand out from the crowd. Once you get past the specific threshold of set viewers and subscribers, you can start earning money from this site. It would simply be a case of putting a video up and getting paid for a while based on how that video performs.

Rent out a Property

People will always need a place to stay – whether in general day-to-day life (unfortunately) or in terms of travelling. If you have a spare room, then you could absolutely let it out to somebody in need. You could also invest in a new home, do it up a little, and rent it out to people. The latter takes some work, to begin with, but you’d reap all kinds of rewards in the long term.

Write an eBook

Whether you’re the new Shakespeare or not, you can write and publish a book online for people’s reading pleasure. Of course, it would make sense if you were grammatically sound and gifted in terms of writing, but that kind of thing can be trained. Once you’ve written a book about a particular topic, you can set it up for sale on many apps online. If people like what they see, then the sales will come in at any time.

Invest in Cryptocurrency

In recent years, cryptocurrency has managed to take the world by storm. It became quite the trendy thing to do a little while back. While it may have dropped off a little in popularity, it’s still used by many all over the globe. While it takes a little reading up to get to grips with the jargon, picking a crypto exchange, and everything else that goes with it, it can be a rewarding investment.

Create a Smartphone App

This is a little more specific because the skill of app development is needed, but if you have those skills, then this option is an absolute no-brainer. Create something that people would need. If you can do that, then you could be rolling in money. People are glued to their smartphones today, unfortunately, so the potential is huge. You could either charge a small fee for the app, or you could make it free and welcome any advertisers that would want to get their name out there.

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