• July 1, 2019

Here’s How You Can Make Money on the Weekends

Sure, you’ve probably heard all about those side hustles and part-time gigs by now but this requires a bit of work and planning beforehand. Sometimes, however, we simply need a bit more money to spend the following week for an outing with your friends or to dazzle your date with a fancy restaurant meal.

Either way, you’re not going to set up a lemonade stand anytime soon and you might not have time to go out and look for a short-term job on the side either. Luckily, we can depend on the wonderful Internet these days and you might be able to find a ton of small jobs that can bring you a bit of extra money.

Here is a handful of the very best ones so that you can get started right away. Who knows, maybe you end up spending another weekend or two on it until you’ve fed your savings account for good this year.

#1: Sign up for TaskRabbit

If you’ve never heard about TaskRabbit before, you’re in luck; with this app, you’ll be able to locate small tasks that people need help with in your area and you won’t have to sign up for any job interviews either.

Even better, you get to choose the kind of tasks where you know you’ll come in handy such as pet sitting for that busy family a few blocks down or helping that old lady next door with assembling her new IKEA furniture. You’ll be able to make some quick bucks without having to commit to anything, in other words, which is just what you’re looking for.

As soon as the task is complete, the payment will also seamlessly appear through the app, by the way, so you don’t have to worry about working for free either. It’s the perfect weekend job and you should sign up for it straight away.

#2 Get to Know the Stock Market

While you can certainly invest in the stock market during any day of the week, it’s a good idea to read up on it over the weekend. That way, you won’t feel like you’re diving into new and dangerous waters head-first and can, eventually, become a stock market wiz as long as you do your research first.

A passive approach to the stock market is always a good idea at the beginning, though, until you’ve learned all the ins and outs. Have a look at this online spot foreign exchange investment as well, by the way, to up your trading game even more – and, of course, make even more money when you have some time off.

#3 Start Flipping Collectables

When you need money fast but don’t feel like burning out your credit card quite yet, it’s a good idea to think a bit outside of the box. There is, as you know, a lot of stuff that’s being sold online – and some of it is worth way more money than the seller is aware of.

Try to read up on the best kind of collectables, first of all, so that you know what to look for. Coins and stamps are usually the most popular ones, though, but you’ll be able to find a lot of other things as well. It just makes it a bit easier to increase your income slightly without having to commit to anything long-term.

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