• September 14, 2023

How to Maintain Compliance in Your Car Dealership

Running a car dealership requires several moving parts to ensure its success. That includes being compliant, especially with the government and the Customer Finance Protection Bureau keeping an eye on things. Staying compliant involves following many rules, from marketing to finance & insurance and keeping your inventory in check. But fear not; it’s all about staying on top of your game and riding those market waves like a pro. Although it may sound like a mountain of work, it’s the secret sauce to dealership success. Below are four essential tips to help your car dealership maintain compliance.


  1. Perform monthly deal audits
    Paperwork is crucial to your business’s daily dealings. Therefore, you must perform monthly audits of your deals to ensure everything is in order. So, keep your filing system current to enable you to easily access them and avoid any document mishaps. Audits help you prepare for unexpected surprises and avoid license hiccups, fines, and legal headaches. 
  2. Analyze your compliance level
    Car rules can sometimes change, making it essential to stay updated and compliant. Consider designating a compliance officer who can roll up their sleeves and dive into risk assessments. They’ll give your business practices the once-over and spot areas where you can shine even better. Surety bonds, for instance, are like your wingman in the world of car dealership compliance. In the car dealership business, they’re often a must-have to score the required licenses and permits. They also help assure your clients that you’re reliable and they can hold you accountable. So, if you need a car dealer surety bond, you can start by running an online search such as surety bond companies near me, to get the right information and assistance, keep things legit, and play fair in car deals. 
  3. Stay in the know
    Dealership compliance rules can change faster than a racer on the track. Keep your radar alert for news and announcements about the latest and greatest compliance changes and law tweaks. Also, remember that certification courses and training programs can help you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving motor vehicle world. Be it changes in tax laws, emission standards, or customer protection rules, being in the know is your secret weapon. Plus, you cannot afford to stay behind on the latest if you want to be a market leader. 
  4. Educate your sales team
    Your sales team members are your frontline troops and must always be knowledgeable. So, invest in some good compliance education. Whether in-house training or a third-party program, get your staff up to speed on the dos and don’ts of industry laws and regulations. Don’t forget to tap into certification courses and training programs to keep your team sharp and ahead of the curve. Make staying updated a part of your dealership’s DNA, and you’ll cruise through compliance like a pro.

The above tips can assist you in handling the nitty-gritty compliance details for your car dealership business behind the scenes, helping to boost your credibility and increase customer trust.

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