• December 12, 2019

Does Your Logo Matter?

If you’re thinking about starting up a business, the question of which logo to choose has no doubt crossed your mind. After all, every successful company in the world has a logo that it uses to identify itself.

Creating a logo, however, is more important than you might think. Yes, it’s something that all the big brands do, like Nike and Coca-cola, but it’s also crucial for the little guys too: the people just starting out on their business journey.

So, does your logo matter? The answer is “yes,” and here’s why.

It Makes a Strong First Impression

If you’re a new business, you need to take every opportunity you can to cement your authenticity in the eyes of your prospective clients. The more legitimate that you can appear, the more likely that they are to choose your company over somebody else’s.

Unfortunately, a lot of new firms struggle on the legitimacy front. Prospects don’t take them seriously and almost always prefer the more established players. A logo can help to create a sense of authority and put you on a firm footing.

It Fosters Brand Loyalty

One of the reasons for choosing a logo, according to, is to improve brand loyalty. In general, people prefer to stick with what they know. A logo can help to make your brand more recognizable in more situations, helping to encourage customers to come back time and time again.

It Creates a Point of Identification

Customers want to know what they are buying in the first few seconds of interacting with your business and products. If there’s confusion, then they may not be so willing to part with their cash.

Logos, therefore, are a kind of identification marker than immediately tells people more about the purchases that they might make. What’s more, logos can trigger positive recall where a prospect remembers the last time that they interacted with your brand. If they had a good experience, it automatically makes them more likely to want to buy from you this time around.

It Gives You Another Way of Being Memorable

Not everyone will remember the name of your business. That’s a fact of modern commercial life. People will, however, remember a logo if you make it original. It is often easier for people to remember a picture than it is a word or a phrase. By creating a logo that appears all over the place, you can generate trust in your brand without requiring that customers remember anything else about your business.

It’s Your Brand Identity

While brand identity can include things like your choice of words and the way you communicate with customers, how people perceive your company is overwhelmingly visual.

Logos play an essential role in setting your brand identity according to Ideally, you want your logo to reflect the story that you’re trying to tell.

Are you a fun business, looking to thrill customers with your products and services? Or are you a serious business, such as a legal company? Which you are will inform the appearance of your logo.

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