• October 6, 2020

Live Directories Still Have Benefits Today

Many individuals seek effective methods that will boost the popularity and potential clientele of their business. There are lots of different ways in which you can do so, keyword utilisation, advertising, and article writing, to name put a few. However, one effective method you should consider using is the option of live directories.

Live directories are a great way to promote the website of your business if used correctly of course.

First and Foremost: What Actually Are Live Directories?

Live directories are essentially mass online databases which hold a huge number of website links. You can search for the link you require via a search box or various categories, so you can break your viewing down by subject or topic to make the process easier. Many of you may be thinking: “well isn’t that exactly the same as a search engine?” However, the difference between live directories and search engines is that live directories are actually built and upheld by humans rather than a computerised device.

The fact that actual people are in control is a great benefit, because it means that business websites will only be submitted into various live directories if the individuals in control decide it is worthy of being submitted. Therefore, you eliminate the possibility of scam websites, illegitimate business websites, and alike. Let’s say you’re an official T-shirt manufacturer for a sports team, no one can sign up selling fraudulent products claiming to be yours, nor can they leave detrimental comments about yours. However, it also means that you have to make sure your website is of a high quality in order for it to make the cut on various live directories. Of course some directories will be stricter than others.

This leads me to a further advantage relating to live directories – there is a great deal of them available online. This is great because there is no limit to how many live directories you can submit your business too, so the ideal aim would be to try and post your business website to as many as possible to consequently gain as much traffic from different angles as possible.

Another positive attribute regarding live directories is that the traffic and potential clients you will gain will all be genuine. This is because you know they have visited your site via freewill – they searched for a service that you entail and choose to click on your link. Therefore, you can rest assured that they are bona fide and have viewed your site because it interested them. A lot of individuals and business owners use misleading methods in order to lure people to click on their websites, therefore, they gain traffic that is not authentic, therefore it essentially means nothing. Via using live directories you can ensure that all those who visit are genuine.

Another great thing about live directories is that they will save you time and money. They are time effective because all you have to do is merely seek out the live directories which suit you and which you wish to post your business on, you then merely submit your business and wait to see whether it has been accepted or not. After this, there is nothing you need to do except from sit back and relax as the views come flooding in. Live directories are usually one hundred percent free so they will not do any damage to your bank balance whatsoever, nevertheless there are directories out there which you have to pay for. The advantages of paying are that the amount of other business websites using the index will be smaller because individuals will deter from using these live directories as they prefer not to spend their money. However, this can work to your advantage because it essentially eliminates potential competition. Nevertheless, you have to decide what is best for you because at the end of the day the free live directories are also effective and reach a wide audience, so is it worth paying the money? Only you can decide on that, as it depends on your business and of course your capacity to spend money on promotional tools.

In my opinion it is essential not to rest all your hopes on live directories because, of course, there are other methods which are effective for gaining popularity for your business. Therefore, I believe a healthy utilization of an array of methods is the best option. All in all live directories do entail positive advantages though and they will certainly help you along the way so I would highly advise posting your website to as many as possible. Do not be fooled by thinking they are just the equivalent to a search engine, because this is certainly not the case, the fact that they are handled and maintained by actual humans makes a massive difference. It is also advisable to seek out websites that are already present on the directories you are submitting to which could possibly be potential rivals to your website, in order to get a good idea of the competition.

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