• February 13, 2020

How Much Do You Know About Lawyers?

How much do you know about the law and lawyers? Perhaps, you feel as though you know a plethora of information about these topics after watching a lot of crime shows. Well, maybe you have learned some things from these shows, but it is TV, so the places you have learned from may not have had an accurate portrayal of the justice system and lawyers.

If you are interested in finding out some interesting facts about the law and lawyers, then keep reading.

The History of the Profession

How much do you know about the history of this profession? Did you know that the job of being a lawyer is thought to have been around for a very long time? This job goes back to Ancient Greek times. The profession is different today from what it entailed back then, but it is still interesting to think about the history of this profession and just how long it has been around.

The Jury

The jury plays a vital role in a case. A criminal defense lawyer has to try and find out information about the jurors before the process starts because the jury selection process, which is called voir dire, is something that can have an impact on how the case goes. So, they want to try and have a jury that they feel will work in favor of their client.

Taking Public Opinion Into Account

Criminal defense lawyers may take public opinion into account when they are preparing for the case because they know that the jury can be influenced by public opinion as the jury is comprised of people who are part of the public. So, they have to be aware of this and find out how the public is viewing the case and their client.

Different Types of Lawyers

There is not just one or two types of lawyers; there are actually many kinds of lawyers, so if you ever need to hire a legal professional, you are going to have to figure out what type of lawyer you will need.

There Are a Lot of Lawyers

The profession of being a lawyer is not one that is underrepresented. For example, in the United States the number of lawyers is over 1.3 million who are practicing in different jurisdictions across the country.

Amount of Money They Earn

The profession of being a lawyer does pay pretty well, but if you have the assumption that all lawyers are making incomes that are in the six figures, you are mistaken. There are, of course, lawyers that do make six-figure incomes, but there are also some that make below a six-figure income. A lawyer’s salary is dependent on the location where they are practicing.

So, how much knowledge did watching legal shows really give you? Well, even if your extensive TV knowledge of the legal profession didn’t provide you with that much information about lawyers, now you know some interesting facts about the realities of the legal profession and not just things that you have seen on a television screen.

A pretty interesting post, huh?

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