• February 10, 2021

3 Hobbies That You Can Turn Into a Profession

The greatest thing you can do with your life is to find hobbies that you can turn into a profession, and doing that will ensure that you never work again. Finding something you love and getting paid for doing it guarantees a lifestyle richness that we all dream of.

Unfortunately, most people keep it as a dream and never realize their potential but more and more we are seeing talented people making their hobby their profession. TV channels are currently full of great business ideas that guarantee both the professional and the customer:

  • Flipping homes
  • Restoration
  • Catering

Buying, renovating, and selling properties is nothing new but it’s a fun profession that can make a lot of money while the look on someone’s face when they see a restored treasure is priceless and well, we all love food.

Buy, Fix, Sell

There’s no shortage of TV shows with talented professionals getting hold of property that needs some love, renovating it, and then selling it for a profit. Professional home buyers usually get these at auctions for a relatively small price because they need some work doing.

Most of the time the homes have been abandoned, vandalized, or left in disrepair but seeing what a professional team can do to an old home is nothing short of amazing. In most cases, a home is gutted, keeping only what is necessary or essential such as support beams and fireplaces.

Electrical and plumbing repairs are common in dilapidated homes but once that has been done, the fun stuff begins. Completely new furnishings and fittings are usually placed inside and the homes are completely transformed. The sense of accomplishment by the professionals is miraculous and would-be buyers are always amazed and the average profit is around 40%.

Good as New

Just like property renovation, items sometimes need restoring too. These can range from valuable antiques worth hundreds of thousands, important historical items, or even toys with immense sentimental value. Highly skilled and talented professionals like Rick Dale from the TV show American Restoration take a high amount of pride in their work and customer satisfaction is key.

Watching a quick YouTube video about restoring something won’t work here and professional restorers are usually extremely knowledgeable about the history of what they restore. This extra knowledge helps when using various techniques such as what chemicals can and cannot be used on what materials and how to use their tools properly.

It is probable that you can restore something, even electronics such as old video game consoles are highly profitable and if you are currently a talented restorer of any kind of item then market yourself, at least on social media which is excellent for finding local custom.

Feed the World

One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to enjoy good food, but for a lot of talented cooks out there, making it is even better. The past 20 years have seen the rise of the foodie and TV is packed full of cooking shows.

From high-pressure contests like Iron Chef to relaxing tutorials with Nigella Lawson and food adventures with Rick Stein as he travels across the world and throws in a bit of history. Almost all of us can cook something worth eating and catering is fast becoming a widespread business idea.

Of course, right now might not be the best time to start a catering business since it will be all but impossible given pandemic restrictions, but it is something to think about for when this is over. Every family has that one person who is great at cooking and that could be you, so turn your passion into your job.

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