• September 12, 2019

Common Health and Safety Issues in the Office

Health and safety is incredibly important in the workplace and it is something which should never be overlooked or forgotten about. It is crucial as a business owner that you take the responsibility to work on your business processes and health and safety procedures in order to protect the people who work for you.

When it comes to working in an office there are a lot of common issues which can arise and this is what we are going to talk about today. So before you hand over your processes to a company such as voc, we want to show you why it is so important to make these concessions this year.


The most common health and safety issue in any workplace is falling down or tripping over. In an office space this is a very common occurrence because there are always a lot of cables and wires on the floor which people can trip up over without noticing. There are also issues such as lumps in the carpet to loose floorboards which can cause people to go off balance and struggle to walk. It is vital to have an inspection of the workplace and make sure that you check every possible outcome when it comes to falls.


In the office there are several different types of issue and this one is one which happens even when we don’t do anything. Inactivity is a huge issue in an office workplace because we are constantly sat at our desks, and although this isn’t a health risk in itself it can cause issues. For example if you are sitting at your desk for 8 hours in a slugged position this can affect posture and cause back issues later in life. The lack of blood flow to the legs will also cause issues and leaves us more prone to blood clots. It is important to teach staff to stand up once an hour or so and walk for a moment to stretch their legs and straighten their back.


Some hazards in the workplace are literal and some are unseen, and stress is the most dangerous unseen threat of all. Stress is commonplace and it is something which is rife in the workplace. The mere presence of too much stress can cause people to not be able to concentrate on their work and this leads to a loss on workforce for all companies. This is why you should make the office a relaxing and happy place for people to work.

Eye Strain

Staring at a computer screen all day every day can cause eye issues later down the line for people and this is something which should be addressed in the office. It is important to place monitors 20 inches away from the eyes and lower the brightness of the screens to help people with their work and ensure that their eyes stay healthy.

There are many hazards in the workplace to tackle and you should invest in help from the relevant forces to make your workplace safe for all.

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