• February 10, 2020

Forging Employee Satisfaction With Care and Development

Are you teetering on the edge, as to whether or not to implement a health insurance plan for employees? Small business owners often make the mistake of believing that this would bankrupt them. Riding shotgun with this fear is the added benefit of increasing revenue by not buying health insurance services.

However, this is a fork in the road. So many businesses without perks, fail to retain their employees over time. As the years go by and the employees get more and more fed up with not having the right opportunities, they will eventually jump ship to a competitor that will. Giving your employees a chance to develop their skills for their careers, is more than just a benefit that comes with the job. Employees will comprehend, your business gives them lifelong skills, makes them superior at their jobs, cares about their professional development and sees a future in them.

Strategies to Fight Burnout

Two things have developed most of the course of the previous two decades. The world has entered into a terminal non-stop work culture. Every business, large or small, gives employees the chance to work from home or stay late in the office. The coinciding development has been employee care. Now that your business never stops working, making sure the employees don’t suffer from burnout and mental exhaustion is imperative to your longevity. The law does not require you to give paid holidays to your employees, but this is something you must consider seriously. Many employees won’t bother to book holidays because they would rather keep earning money when they’re in financial problems. Businesses can’t force workers to take time off, but you can give them an incentive to cool off by paying them half or full pay, while on holiday leave.

Another strategy to fight employee burnout is to move them around into different roles. It’s kind of like line fighting in the Roman army. Take the employees that have been taking on the most difficult tasks out of the frontline trenches and, put them into less demanding roles for a week or so. This keeps their mind active but not as stressed as they were. Rotate employees like this when they show signs of mental exhaustion.

The Basic Healthcare Services

Although you only have to supply healthcare plans if your business has more than 20 employees, it’s good to have basic healthcare insurance plans for all your employees anyway. One of these is glasses that offer your employees a 50% lower than the average retail price. They can choose from selected top designer brands such as Armani, Gucci, Tory Burch, Ray Ban, Tom Ford and Prada, just to name a few. This service is covered in many health insurance plans, so your employees not only get a great pair of glasses, but it won’t exceed the norm in cost for you.

Give employees hearing check-ups and fit them for ear aids if they require them. Many health plans for businesses that run warehouse storage and or manufacturing facilities, will have services to prevent hearing loss.

Joint pain and nerve stress are issues that affect all types of workers. Whether they are working in the production line fitting heavy objects together, or someone in the office that is writing page after page to build a report. Carpal tunnel supportive services will help your employees that feel tension and pain in their wrists at work. Arthritis checkups with a chiropractor or physician will greatly help employees to keep on top of their physical health.

Niche or Abstract Development

As your employees grow in a professional capacity, they will inherently learn more about their profession. Learning how to use different software in the office, using different equipment on the production floors and generally, how to get better at their role is only natural. However, your business must provide employees with niche and abstract development paths. For a skill that you want to be developed for your means to create better, more complex and efficient products, you need niche training programs.

There are multiple options to make this a reality. Hire a private training company that works in your industry. They will be up to date on the latest and greatest challenges facing your business and will develop programs that suit your desires. You should create an in-house training program, utilizing the best software and hardware you have. Make your best employees teachers and instructors, giving employees firsthand lessons in niche skill development. If you’re in a partnership, this may be something you can take advantage of by having your employees trained by the other party. Companies in partnerships do this very often, in aid to maximize collaboration. If you see a skill that their workforce has, you would like for your own, set up a meeting in which your best employees are trained to their standard. These skills will eventually then be transferred over to your workforce.

Face to Face Venting

How great would it be, if you could walk into your boss’s office and tell him or her what you really think? Once or twice a year, give your employees the chance to vent their frustrations to you face to face. Invite them into your office, sit them down, give them a coffee and start talking about what they believe could have gone better over the past few months? Maybe they have awesome suggestions on how to improve communication. They might also fill you in on an employee conflict which hampered work over the year. Employees will also be more honest about where they would like to go, in terms of climbing the ranks in the company. Business owners should never be afraid to hear it like it is. Give employees the chance to be totally truthful and you will stumble across a few hidden gems.

A work environment that doesn’t open has a nature of caring for the employees’ well being will sink into the abyss. Give your workers paid holidays, so they don’t feel forced to continue working until burnout hits them. Allow your employees to utilize significant training opportunities to develop their skills.