• January 3, 2024

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Unhappy Team Members

Do you feel as though your team members aren’t as happy as they could be? Maybe you feel as though they just aren’t being productive or putting in the effort with daily tasks. Either way, if this sounds like your current operation then you need to make a change. If you don’t make a change now then you may find that things only get worse and that people leave. If this happens then you will need to waste valuable time and money in hiring new people, only for the same to happen again. If you want to avoid this then take a look below.

Open Lines of Communication

Imagine working somewhere, where you feel as though your voice just isn’t being heard. It’s no doubt frustrating. Encouraging open communication is about more than just encouraging team members to speak. It is about you being willing to listen. If you can, make sure that your team have more than one way of getting in touch with you. Don’t just make yourself available for phone calls only. Instead, take the time to be available via email or even text. This will encourage your team to get in touch in a way that they feel comfortable, which is so important.

Validate Feelings

It’s one thing to listen, but it is another to understand. Acknowledge things from their perspective and say that you see where they are coming from. If you can do this then you can be sure to set the foundation for a cohesive and well-connected team. At the end of the day, if you do not validate your team’s feelings then this will lead to disconnection, which is the last thing you want.

Seek Collaborative Solutions

If you have identified the issues your team is having then this is great. With that being said, you do need to make sure that you take steps to solve them. Lay out all of the challenges that people are having and then invite them to contribute their ideas. This approach isn’t about finding solutions. It’s about making your team feel as though they are being heard and that they are part of the growing process. It may be that you need a new leader to take charge of the situation, or that your team needs more support. Services like CJPI are great if you want to hire new executives. 

Provide Training

Another thing you can do is provide training. It’s no secret that sometimes dissatisfaction arises from feeling ill-equipped. Your team needs access to the right resources and the right training. This is why mentorships, training sessions and even allocating funds can help to change the game. Doing so can help to turn any feelings of inadequacy into ones of empowerment. Show your team that you care about their long-term growth and make sure that they always feel as though they are progressing. If you can do this then you are bound to see an improvement in their overall mental health, so be mindful of that if you can.

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