• February 26, 2020

How to Create Core Brand Messages

Every business has core messages that they want to communicate to the world. These messages are extremely useful and can be employed to great effect in marketing campaigns. They help you convey the fundamental purpose of your company’s vision. They can strengthen your brand and give it focus, people remember slogans, and it helps sell your products.

If you can put resources into coming up with core messages that are not only memorable but also speak to your audience and hit them deeply, then you are on to a winner. Here are some tips to help you create core brand messages:

Understand Your Audience

You need to get out there and do some research into who your customers are. If you have social media have a look at their profiles and who their influencers are. It may be an idea to check out the competition too and how they position themselves and their messages. How does your audience engage with each other? What are their main drivers? You may have several different groups of people you need to appeal to, and you can target a message to each one by understanding them better.

What Is Your Company Vision?

It is important that you really understand your own company before you go out and spread messages to the world. Think about the history of the company. For example, the foundation of it, there is no point in selling a story about rural roots, if it was thought up in some office in London. You will get found out. Brand messages need to be developed from something real, so think about, the goals the company intends to make, like how to achieve peace in the world. Think about the value your company offers. What problems are you looking to resolve in the world? What is your USP (unique selling point), why are you different from your competitors? What keywords would you use to describe your company? These will help you come up with messages.

Choose Your Language Wisely

To ensure that the message is heard loud and clear, make sure you use simple, clear, and concise words. There is no point in being overly convoluted and creating something poetic with 500 different potential meanings. The purpose of a brand message is not ambiguity. It is to convey what you are about in simple terms. So is your brand serious or a bit of fun? Think about how you want to be seen. The phrases need to easily roll off the tongue and be remembered by your audience. You want them to think of your brand and the products you offer when they hear that message. Creating the right message may be more difficult than you may assume, but once you have the right words, they are worth their weight in gold and can make your marketing strategy more cost-effective. They can then be used cross platforms as taglines on social media posts, on your websites. You can get actors to say it in promotional videos.

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