• October 7, 2019

Conveying Trust with a New Business

There are many challenging aspects to getting a new business started, and it’ll be awhile before you’re fully in the groove of doing things. However, even when you feel like you’re ready to present your company to the world, you’ll find that there’s another issue to deal with – you need to win the trust of the public, who typically stick with the companies and brands that they know.

Overcoming this obstacle will involve actively winning their trust. Below, we take a look at a few ways how you can do this.

Do What You Say

There’s a lot of talk out there, but not so much action. A company can promise the world, but if they’re not backing it up with action, then it would be understandable if customers begin to have doubts. So it’s vitally important that you do what you say you’ll do. When it comes to your first round of marketing, it’s best not to go overboard about how you’ll drastically transform your customers’ lives for the better. Just stay honest and trust, and do your best to ensure that they walk away with an all-around positive impression of your business.

Easy to Reach

People are naturally slightly wary of new online companies. There are a lot of scams and less than moral businesses out there, who are more interested in taking a person’s money than delivering an outstanding service. One way you can make sure customers feel comfortable working with you is to ensure that you’re easy to reach. If a customer has a problem, then they can call, email, chat on social media, or, in some cases, even visit you in person. Make sure you’ve got multiple methods of communication set up for them to use.

Online Presence

The vast majority of people visit a company’s website before giving them their business, even if it’s a real-world business. As such, it’s important that your online presence is watertight. This means working with a web design company to ensure that your website looks professional and modern. It means claiming your Google Business page, and filling it out with as much information as possible. On your social media channels, be active – there’s something slightly off-putting about seeing that a company’s Facebook or Instagram pages haven’t been updated in a long time, or which have an amateur tone.

Managing Online Reviews

People do trust companies – but they trust other people even more. A person is more likely to use a company if there are glowing testimonials from other people, since those people don’t have a stake in the success of the business. You can solicit reviews from your happy customers and post them on your website, but it’s also recommended to actively manage reviews that are posted on review websites around the web. It shows that the company is listening when they respond to positive or negative reviews. And of course, doing this allows you to get your side of the story across for those negative reviews, too.

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