• September 13, 2023

How to Build Your Personal Finances for a More Secure Future

No matter how old or young you are, it’s never the wrong time to try to build up your personal finances. This will give you much better opportunities in the future to grow your wealth and develop a more robust financial security. 

It’s a common saying that you have to spend money to make money, but what if you don’t have a lot to start with? 

Evaluate Your Finances

You can never actually know what situation you’re in unless you take a look for yourself. If you have online banking, this is much easier to manage. Review your bank statements running back at least six months to a year.

You need to look this far back so that you can include regular bills and expenditures. This will allow you to see a more regular pattern of income and expenditure. The first thing to look out for is whether your spending outweighs your income.

If you’re spending more than you earn, you have a major problem. This might be because you haven’t adjusted for inflation and are pulling from your savings to afford what you’re used to. Or it might be because you’re in debt.

The good news is that, once you’re aware of the problem, you can deal with it.

Fixing Bad Finances

Fixing bad finances should always be your priority. If you’re spending more than you can afford, break down exactly how much you’re spending and on what. Then, work out what you can cut out of your budget.

Unnecessary expenditures like gym memberships that you don’t use, subscriptions that you’ve forgotten about, and regular meals or drinks out can all be put on the chopping block.

You might have to live a more spartan lifestyle than you’re used to and make some sacrifices. However, creating a budget that you can afford to live by and that gives you the chance to build savings will provide a better future.

You should also pay off your debts as quickly as possible, as this will reduce your expenditures and free up some cash.

Earning More Money

As well as reducing your spending, improving your income is a great way to secure your finances and give you more funds to play with.

The obvious way to do this is to get a better job and advance in your career, but this can take time and education to achieve. One good option to help you earn more money in the meantime is to pick up a side hustle in your spare time that lets you earn an additional income stream now. 

Even a little extra a week can add up over time.

Investing Your Money

Once you have some money saved, you can put it to work. Investing your money is the best way to grow your wealth, but you have to make sure that you can afford to lose what you invest. 

You also need to research potential investments, rather than just throwing money and hoping for the best. Follow the advice of experts like Jonathan Martin NFL who have looked for ways to wisely invest your money and get involved in hotter, more expensive investment options.

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