• June 29, 2020

Adding Structure to Your Business Meetings With These Tips

Running your own business or leading a team is tough, especially under the current circumstances that we find ourselves in. We are now in a world where business is done remotely, and things have changed when it comes to the way we network and communicate. But yet, your business still needs to move forward and business meetings will still be part of your day.

So how can you add structure and make them beneficial for all involved? Here are some tips that could help.

Be Inspiring and Inspire Others

Meetings can be boring, especially when you have to go over old ground, look at results and figures. But a meeting is also the perfect opportunity to start thinking about inspiration and inspiring your team. Especially if there is a lot of remote working going on, it could be the ideal time to keep your team motivated and inspired to continue working to their highest capacity, even during these unprecedented times.

Make It Positive

Another thing you might want to think about is to make it positive. The times at the moment are strange and difficult for many, so you may want to try and start off any business meetings with lighthearted chat or even a game. Websites like are a great source of information for this. It could help set the tone for a happy and positive meeting. You might also want to try and ensure that you keep negativity to a minimum. It is a difficult time right now so be as positive as you can be.

Listen to Feedback and Gain It as Much as You Can

Feedback is very important for helping a business move forward so use your meetings to help you get it as much as possible. Working from home provides the perfect chance to change up your business and the feedback you receive can be beneficial. But you might also want to think about giving feedback as well.

Praise Where It Is Due

It is important to provide praise where you can as this is going to be a strange time for many as they try and work from home and make things work. If someone has done something well make sure they know about it, if there has been a good result then share it. You will want to keep people motivated and a great way to do it is to give praise where it is due. Not only that but it will give your employees a welcomed boost.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Finally, working from home and remote working might mean that you employees are doing it around their children, so keep the meetings short and sweet. In advance plan what you want to say and what you need to share, so you can avoid any deviating and going off topic. It helps your staff to get back to their job roles quickly and keep working hard for you.

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to adding structure to your business meetings.

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