• February 1, 2021

Understanding Your Responsibilities as an Entrepreneur

No matter what reason or backstory has led you to becoming an entrepreneur, what matters is that you try your best when you define yourself as this way. Entrepreneurs are often painted as being somewhat sleazy chancers that dive on any opportunity they can, focused on only lining their pockets with an ego too big to be someone’s else’s employee.

Of course, some might be. But the truth is that people rarely become an entrepreneur just to squeeze people out of money, because there are many risks, both personally, professionally and reputationally, when following this path.

It’s important, then, to understand how we must act. Of course, applying the best of your professional wisdom, taking time to solve a problem you may have found during your time in the industry, or unearthing a gap in the market are all tasks that you likely want to keep on top of.

It can also be important to consider just what your professional responsibilities are. This keeps you directed in the best possible context. For that, let’s consider some of the best and most promising considerations going forward:

Your Responsibility to Yourself

Remember that entrepreneurialism is often a risk. It’s the means by which you say ‘yes, I understand that I could join another business, or take an offer of employment, but I have something unique to offer. I can do this better.’ For that reason, it’s important to have something to substantiate those claims. Waking up in the morning at the correct time, wearing appropriate and worthwhile clothing, curating your website – this all becomes something you do for yourself and your family rather than to hit your professional and contractual obligations. Understanding that can help you hold yourself to a higher behavioral standard, and ironically enough, it can motivate you to no end.

Your Responsibility to Your Industry

Of course, an entrepreneur needs to offer something new or unique to offer value. This might simply mean taking an excellent idea you saw abroad and bringing it to your home audience. It might mean doing that which you’ve always done in your corporate career but making your business a thorough touchstone of ethics and transparency. In that way, you notice that your responsibilities to the industry at large become more than just ephemeral, they’re woven into your business plan and help you offer something new – providing actual value, not just exploited value. In that way, you can become part of the new breed of entrepreneurs looking to innovate and better their standards.

Your Responsibility to Your Professional Candor

Your professional candor will affect everyone you come across. From how you inspire your staff (whom you are also responsible for) to how you put your messaging across, you as a professional and your reputation can span more than just you personally, but rather everyone involved with and supportive of your firm. This is why Paul Ognibene of Cohasset offers time-honored, worthwhile and always effectual advice geared to helping you become the best and sharpest entrepreneur you can, despite the challenges you face against your professional candor.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily and accurately become the entrepreneur you really do dream of becoming.

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