• March 17, 2022

The Real Reason Your Online Traffic Is Headed for a Pile-up

When it comes to standing out in the crowded space that is currently online operations, traffic creation is a logical priority. After all, if people aren’t looking your way, then there’s no opportunity to sell your goods, outstrip your competitors, or build yourself a strong online image.

That much is logical. What’s perhaps less logical is the fact that, on its own, online traffic doesn’t always equate to success. Worse, focusing too much on traffic creation to the detriment of everything else can quickly lead to damaging pile-ups that are ultimately bad for business.

This is by no means to suggest that you want to forgo traffic-creating techniques like the use of keywords altogether. It does, however, mean that your success equally rests on your ability to foresee the following causes for traffic pile-ups, and take notable steps to stop them from happening.

#1:  You’re Only Attracting People Who Have Taken a Wrong Turn

If your online focus is to appeal to all of the people all of the time, then you’ll soon become the dead-end that people only land at when they’ve taken a wrong turn. The indiscriminate use of irrelevant keywords or content creation can certainly result in higher rankings for searches that, when it comes down to it, have nothing at all to do with what you offer.

This is going to lead to a far higher bounce rate which, while it doesn’t necessarily affect your organic search ranking, does point to the fact that something’s wrong. Continually irrelevant search appearances can also very much damage SEO and your reputation in the long run.

With that in mind, stepping back from your focus on high traffic to instead prioritize relevant traffic is guaranteed to serve you far better from a conversion standpoint. The use of only relevant, well-researched keywords can certainly ensure that every person who visits your site is looking to make a purchase. Further efforts like the implementation of local SEO services that take geography as well as intentions into account can certainly ensure that everyone who drives down your online road knows exactly where they’re going. And, that’s guaranteed to see you enjoying a whole load more sales. 

#2: A Focus on Quantity Is Increasing Your Risks of Road Works

It makes sense that you would want to get your products or services seen by as many people as possible. However, in the online world as in person, overcrowding your business space significantly increases your risks of roadworks that send people directly down another route that will most often involve your competitors. 

Admittedly, a decent and well-designed website should be able to deal with even high numbers of traffic, so if you’re experiencing notable downtime as a result of interest, further attention should probably be taken in this area. However, what’s less avoidable is the fact that service will inevitably suffer if you’re all about the numbers. Customer service solutions that rush through queries or come alongside long wait times will certainly prove detrimental to your sales and service outcomes overall. Slow page loading times and potential limitations in personal discounts, etc. could also rear their ugly heads if you’ve got too many people coming through your website doors.

By instead narrowing down to a smaller niche of relevant and interested leads, you make it far better to ensure satisfactory experiences that not only convert right now, but that also create the customer lifetime value CLV on which your success ultimately rests.