• March 3, 2020

Getting Into the Travel Industry

The Travel Industry is one of the largest industries, full of many different career paths that you can take. But what path is best for you? That can be a difficult question to ask, but this article should take some of those questions and put an answer to them.

On the Ground or in the Sky?

The first point is do you want to be on the ground or the sky? Many people dream of going to many different exotic countries and exploring the world with their role. Some, want to be the middle man and do the actual traveling and become pilots or air stewards. It is not easy to become a pilot, with many costs in both money and time. If this sounds appealing to you, then the rewards after would most certainly be worth it if that is your passion. You can always start your journey with Part 125 aviation training and then from there, build your skillset to the level you wish it to be!

Domestic or Abroad?

Another thing that you should consider when thinking about the travel industry, is whether you are willing to relocate and work overseas. Some jobs require it, and some do not, the option is down to you. However, if you are willing to relocate you must take some factors into account, like the currency, political issues, financial matters like taxes, as all of these may differ from your home country. Also, culture is something often overlooked, as something you may do every day at home may not be the same as when abroad, so make sure you do your research.

Why Do You Want to Go Into the Travel Industry?

Another question you should ask is why? If you are wanting to work abroad to just explore a new country, it may be wiser to simply take a vacation there instead of moving your life there. There is a lot to take into account, and your mindset needs to be focused in order to move from one place to another with as little stress as possible. However, if moving your life to another country is what you are after, then go for it! Life is for the living and you will not have another chance to do it all over again. So, if your situation lends itself to a big life change like that then maybe going for it is the best option for you.

Pro’s and Con’s

This section could be longer than any academic paper out there, but there are a mixture of pros and cons. The cons are clearly cost in terms of money and time. If you wish to be a pilot, the costs that go into aviation school could be an issue, but also the time it takes is not small. But the pro’s would be if that really is your passion, then the benefits at the end of the process will far outweigh the costs, so it is completely a personal choice.

Whatever you do, do what is best for you, and make sure you explore all the opportunities on offer in the travel industry to make sure you find the perfect place, for you.

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