• September 12, 2022

How To Encourage Creativity In Your Apartment

Encouraging creativity is much easier when your apartment is already perfectly situated for a creative overdrive like these Philadelphia luxury apartments because location matters. But so does the interior. 

So how can you increase how engaging and creative you feel in your space?

Color and Art

While there is always elegance and inspiration to be found, even in black and white works, our brains are wired to respond to colors. Being surrounded by colors, shapes, textures, and the artwork of others is one of the best ways to get our own brains moving. 

Make sure that the place you work the most has a range of different works that you find interesting to look at. Feeling uninspired and then staring at a blank wall for hours is not conducive to great work.

Decorate the entire space with what makes your heart sing. 


While some people prefer to work by candlelight long into the evenings, for many of us, it is better to have a well-lit room where you can relax and concentrate for many hours. Natural daylight can help us to regulate our systems and bring you a sense of calm. 

If you have been doing the deeply creative thing of blocking out the daylight, every once in a while – throw open the blinds and let the light in. 


Greens and blues give humans something called the awe factor. It’s the feeling we get when we look out to the sea or across vast green fields. The awe factor is known to increase our positive emotions, make us more compassionate, increase our creativity and lower our stress levels. 

So while heading out for a walk is something that can help, so can surrounding yourself with plants and images of nature. 


Our brains work on cues, and in order to get the most out of your brain, you need to set those cues up. When we put on sports clothes and head to the gym, the very act of getting ready can kick our brain into ‘workout’ mode. When we put on loungewear in the evening, our brains know that it is the time that we are going to relax. 

It also works with places too. When we step into an office, even if we grumble about it, we are ready to work. Creating a zone in your home that is a space for working is something that can help you stay on track even when you’d rather skip it altogether. 


Everything in your zone should have a purpose and be easy to access. If you spend hours writing or drawing, make sure that the tools you need are within easy reach. This can help your workflow and allow you to remain in your creative flow for much longer. 

The moment you need to move to find something, you might find the flow takes longer to get back into – if you can get it back at all. 

Moving into a more creative space might be part of your efforts to take a passion and turn it into a profit; here are some more tips: Growing Your Freelancing Business | Young Go Getter 

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