• September 29, 2018

Being Your Own Boss: Freelance Creatives in Today’s Day and Age

Chances are, you’ve had the time to think and dream about what it would be like to be a self-made boss. For corporate services and entrepreneurs, it’s not that difficult to imagine. But for creatives, it used to be a struggle to the company of your own; at least until a few years ago. Being your own boss as a freelance creative has a lot of perks that are beneficial for both you and your employer, especially in the ever-evolving market of today’s time.

Showing up Only When You Have To

One of the perks that a freelancer brings to a company is not having the need to be trained by the client; this is efficient not just with your own time but with your employer’s time as well. Since they’re asking for special services that only you can offer, you won’t have to spend a good few months on-site developing and honing your skills because you already have them. Working in your own time allows you to do multiple projects on the side.

It might be a more challenging workspace to be hired as an additional artist in collaborative projects that require multiple designers or illustrators to work on one project, but it’s a great way to meet other fellow creatives and to do networking while on the job.

Thriving in a Versatile Work Environment

Businesses are always in demand for outsourcing creatives. Since enterprises prioritise training their staff and employees to carry the heavy load of making sure that their company stays on track, they hardly have the time to have a resident creatives team on call. Being a freelance creative will need you to know the ins and outs of local design establishments such as tarpaulin printing, banner printing, and even flier and card printing service to make sure that you can offer a service that’s up to date with today’s standards.

Having a thorough knowledge of which file types and which dimensions work best on your client’s design will make them understand that there are multiple ways to develop a brand and that there are specifics to their requirements. Having these facts at the back of your mind will make it easier to negotiate prices regarding your quote and their resulting logistical costs for producing your design.

Getting Hired from Multiple Platforms

Depending on your craft, whether it be photography, writing, design, or video editing, there’s room for your specialities to be highlighted and promoted in the online webspace. With the advancement of interconnectivity, more and more freelance creatives are finding it easier to move in the ever-growing market with digital recruitment agencies such as LinkedIn featuring an extensive roster of potential employees to co-workers and employers far and wide. Gone are the days that freelancers would go through the long hours of promoting themselves from billboards to TV ads, the convenience of the Internet has made it the best time to be hired as a creative in today’s day and age.

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