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  • November 21, 2019

4 Real Benefits of Speech Analytics for a Business

In a perfect world, business owners would be able to be part of every phone call with their valued customers. Of course, this is rarely the case – busy managers simply don’t have time to be on every call and hear the voices of the people who help keep
  • November 20, 2019

Things to Think About When Designing and Building Your Own Home

Many people dream of building their own home, designed precisely to their specifications. However, it is not an easy dream to bring to life. Finding a plot of land is relatively easy, and having ideas of how you want your home is straightforward enough, but getting it right is
  • November 20, 2019

A Guide to Landing Your First Major Job

It is a tough world out there and it can get very competitive when it comes to selling yourself and finding the career that you really want to work in. Getting yourself to the top of the applicant’s pile is one thing, but then carrying that through the interview
  • November 20, 2019

3 Ways to Build Your Side Hustle

Side hustling is nothing new. In fact, some jobs like tuning pianos, are almost exclusively done by twilighters earning a bit of extra cash. But while side hustling may not be new, it is certainly taking on a whole new life of its own. In recent years, more and
  • November 20, 2019

Does Your Home Business Need It Support?

Most home business owners start off on their own. Their businesses start out small. They might even be testing the water, trying to make money from a hobby while maintaining a full-time career. Few rush out and hire help, or start outsourcing work in the early days.
  • November 20, 2019

Simple Steps to Starting Your Own Business

If you’re growing bored of the standard nine to five, don’t want to spend hours commuting anymore and are tired of seeing someone else profit from your hard work, you may want to begin considering alternatives. One of the best things you can do for yourself could be to
  • November 19, 2019

6 Advantages of Starting a Financial Plan at a Young Age

Everyone knows the importance of having a financial strategy. Overall, a strategy keeps you in check from making costly financial mistakes. For example, if you’re an impulse buyer, you can structure a financial strategy around those issues so that you don’t waste money. As we can imagine, it serves
  • November 19, 2019

Reducing Your Risk as a Business Entrepreneur Is the Key to Success

So many businesses fail in the first two years. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to start up a new company, then you need to do everything you can to lower your risk and you also need to protect your assets as well. If you don’t, then
  • November 16, 2019

The Office Essentials Everyone Deserves

In order to keep your employees happy, there are many things you need to make sure you provide them with. One of the first places to look is at the office itself. In particular, you need to make sure that you are going to provide your employees with a
  • November 16, 2019

How to Make Sure Your Startup Looks the Partup

It is essential to look professional for any business, whether they are a multinational of worldwide fame or a small startup just getting its foot in the door. However, it is arguably more critical for smaller companies.

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