What Type Of Investor Persona Are You?

If you have ever seen the film ‘Wall Street’ (1987), or even the sequel, you might have a dramatized idea of what investing is like. The reality is that investing is less about making and fighting enemies and more about simply deciding on your risk profile and what kind
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  • June 14, 2018

The Support Network That Any Business Needs

If you run a business and you want it to thrive, you have to make sure that it has the proper support network in place in order to do so. If you think you can run it on your own, you are probably mistaken, as most businesses are the
  • June 13, 2018

Fear & Greed in Trading

In order to run a profitable account, it is necessary that you have a solid strategy, effective risk management and a balanced mindset. Trading psychology is often considered one on the hardest factors to control in trading.
  • June 12, 2018

Running a Business Without Ever Launching It

Do you know why most people dream of running their own business? While there is always a certain sense of satisfaction to be found in having created something that works and that is growing, it’s fair to say an entrepreneur finds the financial reward more satisfactory.
  • June 11, 2018

You’re Failing, Now What? 6 Steps to Take Small Business Out of Debt

Getting into debt is a common problem for small businesses. Business Insider reports that statistically, 82% of the small companies that fail do so because of cash flow problems. However, that doesn’t mean that yours has to fail to.

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